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We are the #1 SEO Expert in Bangladesh with 5+ years of Experience in SEO Field with a group of SEO Professionals has helped Various Business Rank in Google and to Earn Great Revenue and Sales. How do we Do that? Simple, We do Some On-Page Stuff, Some Off-Page stuff, Citation, and Some High-Quality Backlinks. Yes, it’s damn that Simple. It’s Sound Damn that Simple but what is it in Reality? Don’t Be Afraid, we are the Best SEO Company in Bangladesh and will Make it Easy Explain Each Step of SEO and How we Rank a Website from Scratch to Top of Google. People can also see Web 20 Ranker for accelerated SEO Set-Up for Fast Results

According to companies like, Search Engine Optimization has changed the way a Website Ranks in Google in Past Few Years. Check out this Damon Burton’s book here that contains Damon Burton’s expertise which is important to help businesses reach the top of Google. Google is also Becoming Smarter and Smarter Day by Day, Focused on Quality and User Engagement. Nobody would have ever used Google if it did not provide the Relevant Answer, Right? So, Google is improving their AI to highest Extend, so that Users are provided with the Right information, they are looking for, as for example if you want to improve the ranking of your site, finding the best niches for affiliate marketing can be really helpful for this.

Not Anyone with a Website can come up and rank in Google with Some Random Keywords, many businesses get advice from a SEO agency (look at this web-site for the best SEO industry) in Sydney to grow faster. Until and unless he/she knows the way to Rank. Stuffing Website with Keywords and Spamming all over Web has become a Real Spam Shit now. These old Shit used to work before, where there were fewer competitions and people had little knowledge about online Websites. As the Website numbers are on the hike and so as the Competition. So, It has become compulsory for Google to Show the Useful Stuff, People are Searching For.

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Let’s Understand the Basic SEO Facts and Tips from the #1 SEO Expert in Bangladesh:

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the Process of Optimizing Websites in order to Achieve Ranking in Search Engines. Optimization of Website using Keywords, Unique Content, Backlinks, and following the Guidelines of Search Engines.

SEO Types

SEO is Mainly Considered as 3 Types :

  1. White Hat – This process includes the following of Search Engine Guidelines. This Method is Cost-Effective and takes time. White Hat SEO Commonly practiced among the SEO Agency and website owners for Long-Lasting Value.

       2. Grey Hat– This is the Practice of White hat and Black Hat SEO, it some or somehow does not Adhere to Search Engine Guidelines. Can Receive Penalty anytime and lose your site.

       3. Black Hat– It includes the Process of Complete Violating or Going totally Against Search Engine Guidelines. This Process is Cheap and takes Short Time to Rank. It involves a high Risk of Penalty or Permanently Banned from Search Engines.

Ths Things that makeup SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

  1. On-Page – Process which includes, Optimizing Keywords, Content, Header Tag, Images, and Videos to Rank in Google.
  2. Off-Page – Off-Page is the Process of Building link into other websites or Promoting your Brand or Website to others.
  3. Technical SEO – According to technical seo specialists, it includes the process of website crawling, indexing, Loading Speed, Sitemap, and Security.

The Big Question: “Can I Rank My Website in Google #1 Position?”

Rank with the SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Well, That’s Not Impossible, Even you can Also be SEO Expert in Bangladesh by Ranking Business on Google #1 Page. To reach that level you need a lot of Hard Work, Focus, and determination. How Early you can Rank a Keyword in Google #1 depends on various factors, like :

  1. Keyword Competition
  2. Keyword Optimization
  3. Relevant Image and Videos
  4. Header and Content Optimization
  5. Domain Authority
  6. Page Authority
  7. Page Speed
  8. User Experience
  9. Click through Rate
  10. web designers UT

These Above Factors when taken into considerations, Anyone can Rank his/her website on Google #1 for certain. Keywords. Let’s Explain the Above Factors in Details :

Keyword Competition

  1. Keywords Competition:

Before Launching for an SEO Campaign, You First Must understand the Basic of Keywords Competition, This is the Most Interesting Part of SEO. If you make a hurry while Selecting Keywords, that is not going to give you fruitful results. Always Go for a Low Competition Keywords, thus Easy to Rank your Site within a Shorter Period of Time. If you want to go For Big boy Keywords, all you have to do is to Make a Good amount of Quality High DA Backlinks and follow the Competition Ranking Policy.

Our Suggestion: If you Planning to Launch your new site and do some SEO, Look for a keyword with Average monthly Searches, not below >500 and try to Use Long Tail Keywords, to stay in Rank and in Positions.

2. Keyword Optimization:

Proper Keywords Optimization is Necessary for a Good On-Page SEO. Keywords Density should be maintained to avoid overuse or so Called Keywords Stuffing. Proper Keyword placement is also a factor for On-Page SEO.

Our Suggestion: For 500 words Article, Keywords should not be used for more than 3 max 4. Keywords should be placed at the Beginning of the Content

Relevant Image

3. Relevant Image and Videos:

Websites with Contents mix of Relevant Images, Videos, and Infographics will always rank in Google other that websites with Only Content. Images and Videos Play a major role in understanding the User better and Easier.

Our Suggestion: Upload Images and Videos relevant to Content. Use Eye-Catching Images more inside Content.

Header and Content Optimization

4. Header and Content Optimization:

Proper Header Consisting of main keywords should be Optimize. All headers like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 should be properly utilized in a Website. It always better to add Content that is useful to User Experience. Contents that are likely to be appreciated by User who is Coming to your site.

Our Suggestions: Try to Utilize all Header tag with your Targetted keywords, Never use the H1 tag more than Once. Try to Write content more than 500 words with keywords in the beginning and at the end of the Content.

Domain Authority

5. Domain Authority:

Domain Authority is the Domain Score from Moz based on Quality. Domain Authority of a website is Calculated by Quality of High DA/PA Referring Domains Pointing to the site and High-Quality User Engagement.

Our Suggestions: Always Try to Get Backlinks from Trusted website and Spam Score less than <5. Avoid Spammy Postings like Comment and Forum Post. Highly Recommended to take Niche Relevant Backlinks.

6. Page Authority:

Page Authority is also from Moz, which tells who relevant a website is to Search Engine.

Our Suggestions:  Take Niche Relevant Backlinks, Example: If your site is related to “Health”, Try to acquire backlinks from Medial Websites and Medial Forums and Bloss.

Page Speed

7. Page Speed:

Page Speed is a Great Factor when it comes to Ranking in Google or Other Search Engines. Search Engines like Google nowadays are giving priority to those websites with Mobile indexing. It means your website should be optimized for both Mobile and Desktop. Nowadays Majory of WordPress themes comes with Mobile-Friendly.

Our Suggestions: Always keep your images in the jpeg version and try to minimize the size of the image to the maximum extent without affecting the image quality. You can get a lot more of Suggestion when you test your website in GT Metrix

8. User Experience:

User Experience term is referred to as Any user find your website through keywords from Google but doesn’t find enough information about the topic will likely to move back from your website and click to another site. Thus Causing an increase in the Bounce Rate and Poor User Experience.

Our Suggestions: Always Provide useful and Specific Content to Users. Build Content intended for Users Knowledge. Make Post brief and try to add similar topic images, Videos, and Info graphics.

Click through Rate

9. Click-Through Rate: When a User Searches for keywords and lands to your site and doesn’t find the relevant topic and immediately switch back within 2-5 seconds to another site is CTR ( click-through rate)

Our Suggestions: Provide User with Keywords Specific Content.

Website Design from #1 SEO Expert in Bangladesh

10. Website Design:

This is the Most Important and Crucial part of any Website. You will never acquire or gain Rank in Search Engines if you have Poor Designed Website. Is a Study show that the better a Website is Designed, the more chances for user Engagement and Sales.

Our Suggestions: Nowadays there are Available themes which are eye Caching and Mobile Friendly. You can also custom create your website using Elementor, a Drag and Drop based WordPress Website Builder.

That is the all Required Recommendation from the #1 SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Following these Above Guidelines, We hope you will have known the Basic and Advance level of SEO. If you have any Questions or Doubt in Mind related to the above details or Topic, Don’t hesitate to Comment Below or Write Back to us. We would be more than happy to Appreciate that. Meanwhile, if you want us to do the SEO for your Business to Rank in Google the Right Way, You Can Contact us Any time.